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We’ve been surrounded and companied by noise 24-7 as an invisible killer existing except for work pressure in modern life, both considered among civilized society.  Noise is being defined in all terms ending up with unpleasant conditions physically and mentally, leading to frustrating setbacks in all kinds while having a conversation, thinking, rest or sleep.  In health, it could be leading to serious hearing dysfunction impact gradually via exposure under long-term-noise environment.

Simple material but multiple advantages-light-weighted, non-toxic, fire, water and dust-proof, anti-salt erosion, high sound-absorption rate, stain resistance, anti-electromagnetic wave, long duration for enduring, various colour options, and easily cutting or assembling.

No application limitation-it’s suitable in all specifications for ceilings, Walls and differently functional areas with no other decoration further needed, even being allocated in corners remaining same efficacy.  What’s more, purifying sound quality is even taken as premier criterion when it comes to low and mid audio frequency specifically referring to Studio rooms, concert halls…etc.

Cherishing the earth with heart-no environmental pollution will be generated during process of cutting.

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