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ESD & Cleanroom Flooring

Forbo Colorex ESD & cleanroom flooring is an advanced technical flooring system specifically designed to control static discharge in sensitive areas such a cleanrooms, operating theaters and the electronics industry. Colorex is not only functional, it is also aesthetically pleasing in bright, fresh colours. 

Forbo makes tiles in order to ensure consistent and unique properties and to overcome problems that can be fatal like emission, shrinkage and diminishing of conductive properties. Tiles can be installed more quickly and easily than sheets and with less waste, especially in small and medium areas or rooms with irregular shapes. 

Colorex provides all the features normally associated with ESD sheet product but with the additional benefits mentioned above that the tile format offers. ESD sheet products require a high plastisicer content which can result in out-gassing. In contrast, Colorex tiles have a small percentage of placticer content and as a result, very low outgassing.

Construction Colorex
1. Copper band
2. Conductive glue
3. Subfloor
4. Conductive veins

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