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EXTERNAL WALL CLADDING (EWC)A solid compact laminate (Phenolic core board) consists of layers of cellulose fibrous material impregnated with thermosetting resins and bonded together by the high-pressure process. The surface on both sides, having decorative colours or designs, are impregnated with melamine based resins. The core layers are impregnated with phenolic-based resins. The high-pressure process is defined as the simultaneous application of heat (temperature > 120 C) and high specific pressure (>5 Mpa), to provide flowing and subsequent curing of the thermosetting resins to obtain a homogeneous non-porous material with increased density (>1350 kg/m3), and with the required surface finish. The board is manufactured as per IS 2046.”

INDIAN WEATHER TESTEDBe it the intense mercury of the Rajasthan or the endless showers of Cherranpunji, India is a country of extremes. A country that offers ever-changing climates & conditions that test all limits. The premium range of Merino ArmourTM External Claddings are inspired by these very punishing conditions that the tropical sub-continent possesses. They come in an assortment of high-quality luxurious designs that not just add chic to their surroundings but also endure the damages that these conditions try to inflict. All in all, it’s a range that is specially made in India, for India.

APPLICATION AREAS: Ventilated Facades, Balcony Claddings, Partitions, Railings, Fences, Ceilings, Outdoor Furniture, Public Facilities, Playground Facilities, Sports Facilities, Sun Protection System, Office Entry Portals, etc

IDEA APPLICATION: sites for Residence (Kothis), Shopping Malls, Hotels, Motels, Residence (High Rise Apartments), Industries, Office Buildings, Retail Shops, Airport Terminals, etc.

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